Delivery Info

Delivery info

  • Delivery estimated timescalesare approximate and we are relying on our partners to dispatch your product within these estimated timescales. We cannot be responsible for potential delays in delivery also such delay constitutes a breach of the contract. We would recommend that you arrange for tradesman to fit you blinds after these are delivered.
  • Products are delivered within UK and Northern Ireland if you would like products to be delivered outside of this area than please contact us before placing an order.
  • Once product is delivered (or attempted to deliver) we are not liable for loss or damage.Refusal of delivery may result is additional re-delivery charges.


Product Guarantee

  • Products are covered by manufacturerswarranty that is provided by our suppliers. In case where manufacturers warranty is not in place we would expect that products are free from material defects for a period of 12 months.

The warranty doesn’t apply if defect of the product is caused by

  • Fair wear and tear
  • Malicious damage, inappropriate storage and accidental damage  
  • If product is not used according to its purpose and instruction is not followed
  • Any alteration or repair by you or unauthorised third party.

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