Roller Blinds 101!

Roller blinds are the most popular of all blinds – but why, I hear you ask? Here we aim to answer all your questions on this versatile blind.

What's the deal about Roller Blinds?

Available in all manner of functions, colours, patterns and sizes, Roller blinds are extremely versatile and very easy to use, easy to install and easy on the pennies! Which is why it’s not really a surprise they’re our most popular blind.

Simply a length of fabric wrapped around a cylindrical tube, they fit at the top of your window either inside or outside your window recess depending on your preference and are operated by either a pull cord attached to the bottom of the blind, side-winding chain mechanism using a cord attached to the end of the blind casing or can even be motorised!

Where can I put a Roller blind?

The question should be where can’t you! Ideal for any window, skylight or patio door, these blinds really will fit pretty much anywhere. They can be tailored to suit your needs exactly; for example, you can place individual blinds into each frame of a bay window to create a custom look, and the wide range of materials available mean you’ll also find them looking wonderfully colourful in a humid wet bathroom or serene in a dark bedroom.

Will a Roller blind survive in my kitchen or bathroom?

There are so many different types of finishes available with Roller blinds allowing them to fit and function in any room, so just match your blind finish to its location and away you go!

There’s also an abundance of colour and style choice with this blind whatever the finish, so you can be as creative in the kitchen as in the kids’ bedroom.

Kitchen and Bathroom blinds need to be made of tough stuff to stand the heat, humidity, smells and stains, so you can choose from flame-retardant, moisture-resistant and wipe clean Roller blind materials to suit these rooms perfectly. Wipe Clean PVC is a popular choice for here.

What types of Roller blinds are there?

  • Blackout Roller Blinds

If you love the sunlight in the day but prefer it nice and dark at night, or have a bright light outside your child’s bedroom that doesn’t help them sleep, these are for you. Choose a blackout fabric to help you enjoy a restful nights’ sleep whatever the time of year, minimise any other light problems or help make movie night that bit darker!

  • PerfectFit Roller Blinds

Do you have patio doors or sliding doors where you’re struggling to find a blind that stays in place? You need a PerfectFit blind! Made-to-measure, these run within a frame which clips into place on your uPVC window or door, and the blind then sits perfectly within the frame allowing you to slide the bottom of the blind up or down. There’s also no need for drilling into your window frames.

Being cordless, these are also ideal for any room if you have young children or pets, removing any choking hazard that comes from chain or cord operated blinds.

  • Motorised Roller Blinds

Great for hard-to-reach windows, or large windows or rooms with multiple Roller blinds, an automated, motorised blind can be an easier option for you than struggling to get to that high skylight. As they operate more smoothly than a traditional pull blind, motorised blinds can also create a sleeker look and effect plus you don’t need to get off that comfy sofa to close them at a touch of a button!

Being cordless, these are also safer for young children and pets.

The last choices left to make are which colour or pattern you’d like for your Roller blind, and away you go!

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