When there are so many different blinds to choose from in every colour, various patterns and different styles, how do you narrow them down to find the perfect blind for your window?

The 2 most important aspects in this decision are practicality and style. First decide what your blind needs to do practically so you get the right sort of blind, and then you can consider what kind of style you want it to have. Follow our quick and easy steps to help you decide which blind is best:

1. When will you be using the blind?
Do you need it to give you a level of privacy 24/7, or will you be using it mainly at night? If your window is overlooked or you want to create some seclusion a day and night blind, sheer roller blind or venetian blind will provide you with both natural light and privacy.
2. Where will your blind be located?
If you’re looking for a kitchen or bathroom blind where it’s likely to be exposed to moisture or cooking smells, avoid natural materials which would absorb the smells or are affected by humidity like wood, linen or silk. Choose either a wipeable roller blind made from PVC or faux wood blind.
3. How much sunlight does your window get?
Are you wanting the blind to block out all sunlight, provide a bit of shade, or do you not get much light so are worried about the blind diminishing the natural light when it’s not in use? To give you a really dark room, so perhaps a children’s bedroom or somewhere to watch a movie, a blackout blind is what you need whether it’s a Roman blind with blackout lining or blackout roller blind. If it’s some shade you’re after then take a look at the day and night blinds or Venetian blinds which you can alter to let more or less light through. If you need to make the most of the sunlight, a Roman blind hung high above the window instead of in the recess will let as much light into the room as possible.
4. Do you want the blind to help retain heat in the room?
If your room gets cold or you’re looking for something that can provide thermal insulation, Roman Blinds are great at keeping draughts out and trapping warmth in the room.
5. Do you have children or pets in your home?
Be aware of cords on blinds especially with younger children and small pets, and always read the child safety rules before installing your blind. Perfect fit blinds are an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom as they are free of cords and control mechanisms.
6. Be honest, how are your DIY skills?
Some blinds are easier to fit than others, so make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew! Some of the easiest blinds to fit are Roller blinds, Roman blinds and Venetian blinds.

So, now you’ve got a better idea of the type of blind you need, we can consider the style and look you want to achieve. Blinds can be a key part of a room’s ambience and come in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles. You can be understated and minimalist or bold and luxurious, so which do you desire? Here are some tips on how you achieve your desired style.

  1. Colour – Take a look around your room, is there an accent colour you’d like to pick out from your carpet or wallpaper to use as a splash of colour on your blind? Or if you prefer subtle colour matches, how about a blind in a shade that compliments your walls for a harmonious look. If your walls are a darker shade, choose blinds that are lighter in colour to help keep the room from looking too dark.
  2. Texture and Fabric – If your room has a lot of colours already, a stylish option would be a wooden blind such as a Venetian to add something to the room without another colour. If you still want to let light in when the blind’s in use, choose a lightweight fabric that will still allow some sunlight through.
  1. Pattern – Patterned blinds can really finish a room and bring the whole colour scheme together. Again you could pick a pattern that has accent colours from your room. Matching blinds in a room will also help make the look of the room more cohesive and styled.

We hope this has helped decide which blind you need and want, now to buy it and get it fitted!

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