How Do I Decide Which Blind I Need?

When there are so many different blinds to choose from in every colour, various patterns and different styles, how do you narrow them down to find the perfect blind for your window? The 2 most important aspects in this decision are practicality and style. First decide what your blind needs to do practically so you […]

Roller Blinds 101!

Roller blinds are the most popular of all blinds – but why, I hear you ask? Here we aim to answer all your questions on this versatile blind. What’s the deal about Roller Blinds? Available in all manner of functions, colours, patterns and sizes, Roller blinds are extremely versatile and very easy to use, easy […]

How to make the most of a bay window

Are you lucky enough to have a bay window in your house but not sure how to go about choosing the best blinds or window dressings for it? Each bay window has its own characteristics, so what might be best for your bay window may be quite different to what would work next door and […]